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Rated offers independent, third-party node and node operator ratings, robust data pipelines and the most comprehensive infrastructure dataset, for Ethereum.

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The Problem

Web3 infrastructure data is hard to get and poorly contextualized

Validator nodes and node operators secure billions in value. Yet information about how they perform, the risks that underlie them and the externalities they produce, is fragmented and difficult to find.

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The Solution

Rated solves for this with robust data pipelines, a network explorer and a powerful API

We unearth and then piece together the disjointed datasets that make up the whole of Ethereum’s validator set. We make that data usable through methodologies that are hardened by a community of operators and researchers.


Nodes Analysed



8.98 TB

Data Warehoused


Value Enabled

What Rated can do for you

A reliable data utility, at a fraction of the DIY cost

From performance benchmarking to rewards accounting, to building innovative applications like insurance and credit, Rated’s product lines can help get you there reliably.

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Monitor your infrastructure

Leverage the Rated Explorer and API to monitor the performance of your infrastructure set.

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Power innovative applications

Integrate the Rated API in your workflows and build insurance, lending and other financial applications.

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Build reporting

Use the Rated API to track rewards and penalties your infrastructure set has accrued.

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Improve your performance

Run A/B tests on different setup configs and get high quality & granular feedback with our Testnet API.

A powerful product combo

We help stakers and developers make sense of Ethereum’s base layer

With a Network Explorer and a series of API, we make high integrity and high fidelity data on validators and validator operators legible, and easy to use, integrate and build with.

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Supported Networks

Ethereum’s staking layer data at your fingertips

Our APIs make it easy to add staking layer data to your applications

We’re on a mission to abstract all the complexity of Ethereum infrastructure data away, so you can focus on what matters most: driving value to your users.

Rewards API

Deploy precise accounting in a few simple calls, with granular tracking of validator rewards earned.


Consensus rewards

Penalties & missed rewards

Priority fees

MEV facilitated

Performance API

Precisely track, improve and benchmark your current and historical performance of validator fleets.




Inclusion delay

Slashing record

Metadata API

Help users make informed decisions around staking with access to rich metadata about an operator’s useful life.


Client diversity

MEV Relay diversity

Sanctions list filter

Time active on Mainnet

Enterprise grade SLAs available. Contact us for more information.

Get Started with our APIs

Coming soon

Help stakers make delegation decisions with the Rated widget

An embeddable widget that allows publishers to showcase their performance, vetted from an independent third party; powered by the Rated Metadata API.

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How our partners are building with Rated

We are counting pioneers in staking among our early adopter group

From liquid staking pools to financial application builders, and from large node operators to the next generation in Ethereum proof-of-stake middleware, we are enabling leading orgs across the industry with precise and easy to integrate data.

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Lido has leveraged the Rated API to help screen validator operators in the last 2 onboarding rounds for its Ethereum set.

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Nexus Mutual is using Rated as source of truth and a pricing input for its slashing and penalties insurance product.

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Kiln is using the Rated API as an additional layer of validator monitoring and performance evaluation, on Ethereum Mainnet and Prater.

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SSV uses the Rated API to score for the performance of individual operators, as well as Threshold Signature clusters for its DVT network.

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Indexcoop has partnered with Rated to improve transparency and promote good standards for its dsETH index product. Visit the dsETH page here.

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Obol is using the Rated API to run live and post-hoc analyses on Testnets, and drive insight back into research.

Rich context in infrastructure data

We separate signal from noise in infrastructure set data

Our team specializes in contextualizing the variables that describe performance, externalities and risk that underlie nodes and operators. We stay on top of the latest developments on Web3’s base layer so you don’t have to.

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Why we're here

Our mission is to promote transparency, good standards and improve the foundation of Web3

The reputation data layer that Rated is building is unlocking a whole new class of products and product features, as well as a level of transparency into Web3 infrastructure sets that were never before possible.

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